Friday, 5 August 2011

:: kiss the rain :: can i express myself in a couple of

simple words that would explain everything?
life has stopped from the moment he's gone ..

i refused to believe when

he swore he loves me ..
i was afraid of my feelings and of being hurt ..
..yet again ...

but he was so sincere with everything 

he did ..
with every word he said ..
with every kiss he gave ..
and one day i believed him ..

i believed that somebody

can truly love me ...
he made me to believe ..
and i expressed all my feelings in every
way i could ...

i trusted him ..

i thought a man cannot
pretend that much ..
but how mistaken i was ..
he played his role so cool he would've
won an Oscar if somebody was filming him
at a time ..

on day i woke up with that

terrifying feeling of emptiness 
and fear .. i didn't know
what was going on ..
and then i've realised ..
... he was gone ...
.. to somebody else ..

he left me with waterfall

of tears and all the
sadness in the world ...
he had gone .. forever ...
.. and no matter how much i try , 
i cannot stop these tears :(

he said he loves me ..

and i trusted him ..
why did he choose me for his
brutal game ???

WHY ?????

what had i done wrong ??

i met him there ..

almost a year later ..
when i thought all my feelings were gone
with the winter snow ...

i could hardly stop

myself from hugging him ...
kissing him ...
even touching him ...
but i did .
i hid my feelings ...
i knew it was the right thing to do ..

i would prefer him to be 

indifferent to me ..
but he wasn't ..
i could see in his eyes ..
why didn't he say anything ?
he didn't ask for me back but i could see
he still had feelings for me ...
insane ...

i feel so empty ..

 and i need no other man ...
.... but him ...

he will never find out how i feel ...

cause i will never tell him ...
or to anyone ...

and nobody can forbid me to

miss his hugs ...
his words ..
is kisses ..
to miss not seeing him ....

i want him to be happy ..

even if i'll never be his 
because when you love ..
you wish all the happiness for the man ...

even if it means you'll

be left with nothing but
the ocean of tears ...

all you need is just a box of 

tissues to wipe those tears away ..
and somebody who cares ..
your parents or friends ...
need to find something good in the 
dreariness of the days ...

you will get through it ..

i will get through it ...
because life doesn't stop there ...
i hope it won't stop there ...

one man said lovee hurts ..

yes it does ..
but one day i'll meet the right guy .
i believe i will ...
..otherwise ...
.. life will lose its sense ..

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